BLC Powerpoint Presentation: Bringing Joy to Student Learning: The Power of Inquiry

Hi. Hope you enjoyed my presentation. Here’s a copy of the slides.  🙂

Inquiry Boston BLC Presentation 2011


Using Children’s Picturebooks to Spark Inquiry

I’m kinda keen on children’s literature and I’m constantly on the lookout for picturebooks that tackle big ideas. I’ve compiled some lists of recommended picture books. Here’s one centered around Water: An Important Resource. Click here to view a combined picture booklist for Middle School and High School.

One of my favorite children’s author’s is Shaun Tan who creates remarkable and highly interesting books suitable for children aged 8 and up. Some of my high school teachers have enjoyed using his book THE ARRIVAL to teach about immigration and the immigrant experience. Here’s a link to his superb website.

Resources for Inquiry-based Learning

Favorite book EVER…..Stephanie Harvey and Harvey Daniels’ book entitled:

Comprehension & Collaboration: Inquiry Circles in Action
by Stephanie Harvey and Harvey Daniels

“Comprehension and Collaboration is a guide for teachers who want to realize the benefits of well-structured, engaging, cross-curricular projects. Stephanie Harvey and Harvey Daniels lay the foundation for inquiry circles; explain 10 fundamental classroom conditions needed for active, small group learning; profile 19 small-group inquiry circles that bring strategies and principles to life; provide 27 practical lessons in comprehension, collaboration, and inquiry; offer how-to instruction for four types of inquiry circles – mini inquiries, cross curricular inquiries, literature circle inquiries, and open inquiries; and address characteristic management concerns. Harvey and Daniels stress the importance of student collaboration and using inquiry as a vehicle to increase comprehension and deepen understanding.” (taken from their website)

Here’s a link to their website built to support the ideas and strategies shared in this tremendous professional resource.


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